What To Expect

Initial Assessment

All children will first have an assessment, which lasts approximately 1 hour and can be carried out at your home or in your child’s school or pre-school setting. The assessment will look at all aspects of your child’s communication, including attention and listening, play, understanding of language, expression of language, speech sounds and social skills. Parents are encouraged to be present throughout, particularly for younger children. Verbal feedback is given at the end of the assessment session and a full written report will be posted to you following the session.


If speech and language therapy is recommended, then this can be booked after the assessment session. Therapy sessions can be carried out at your home or in your child’s school or pre-school setting. Therapy sessions last approximately 1 hour and consist of 30 minutes direct therapy between the speech therapist and your child. The remaining time is for discussion with you/school staff about how you can further support them and to answer any questions that you may have. Parents are again encouraged to be present during the sessions, where possible, so that you can continue the techniques used.


Winchester Speech Therapy provide speech and language therapy in term time, with limited summer holiday sessions also available. Assessment and therapy sessions are offered within school hours of 9-3pm. If your child is of school age, sessions can be carried out at their school or at home.